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Intelligent Website Design

Your website may be the primary portal into your business today. At SeaDog IT, our goal is to ensure that existing and potential clients stop, look & then click on to find out more about the product, service or resource you're offering.

We strive to build clean, functional, compliant websites that create an immediate impact for your company to help you stand out in an ever competitive world. Intelligent website design! We are approachable, innovative and will work with you to realise your goals with minimum fuss. Like we say, "there's no need to rock the boat."

Strategic Online Marketing

Just having a website is like holding onto a stack of business cards and never handing them out. No matter how good it looks, if you dont put in the time, effort and planning - your website will be sitting out in the cold. Strategic Online Marketing!

Thats where SeaDog IT comes in. We'll utilise some nifty web based tools that will help you reach your target audience and - importantly - help you monitor the results. And we'll help you figure out the best way to use social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter so you reach a wider audience.

Media Services

You find a website developer, and then end up spending as much time writing content for your website as they do on the structure of the site. Our mantra is "content is king" so we'll work our socks off to make sure your message is communicated as effectively as possible.

At SeaDog IT we excel in producing crisp, clear content that gets the message across without you having to provide a paragraph more of text than is absolutely necessary. And if you need product or location photography or video production, we'll take care of that too.