Save Money

Save MoneyIn uncertain economic times every business or organisation should be looking at ways to reduce costs and make their investments work harder for them.

This applies to all sizes of companies but we’ve noticed that many small to medium sized businesses in particular are often hesitant about investing in – or upgrading – their online presence. The reality is that investing in your website can actually reduce costs.

Here’s just a few ways that a SeaDog IT website can save you money:

  • A business website can save advertising costs. Your business can promote itself through search engines for significantly less money than traditional forms of advertising. At SeaDog IT we will work with you to get maximum exposure for minimum cost. See our Online Marketing review for more details.
  • Responding to client enquiries about your products and services – or even something so basic as your opening times – is essential. Sometimes, though, relaying the same questions or information over the phone, by fax or email just sucks up valuable time. By having key information easily accessible on your website, you can provide customers with the information they need, when they want it – allowing you to get on with running your business.
  • If you’re thinking of expanding your business or retail outlets – why not look at upgrading or introducing a virtual store where customers can visit 24 hours a day? Not only will this save the obvious costs associated with opening a new premises but if you’re selling online for the first time you have the potential to reach a global customer base – not just a local one.
  • Customer service costs time and – like they say – time is money. By using online technologies intelligently, you can significantly reduce the costs associated with customer service – whether that is by installing an automated billing or warranty service.
  • Do you print brochures, sales flyers, manuals or other marketing materials? Get them online and have the customer print off what they need in quantities that suit them. You’ll be saving money and helping keep us all a little greener. At SeaDog IT we say “no” to paper shuffling!